At First Concern Pregnancy Resource Center, we offer free parenting classes to first-time moms and dads. Our classes are a great way to learn more about how to care for a new baby, as well as gain knowledge on how to become a successful, loving parent. We also offer free breastfeeding support to new moms! Learn more about each of our services below and contact us if you are interested in either one.

Parenting Classes

We offer the Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program at no cost. EWYL is an educational program that seeks to empower parents by providing knowledge about essential parenting skills through a series of simple DVD lessons. This program is also designed to address any fears and concerns that come along with the decision to raise a child. Each time a lesson is completed students earn “Baby Bucks” cash. Baby Bucks can be spent inside our well-stocked Baby Boutique.

This program will help you:

  • Build healthy relationships
  • Learn practical parenting skills
  • Answer questions about pregnancy, labor & deliver, baby care
  • Connect with our volunteers and supportive community
  • Earn new products and gear for your baby
  • Care for fussy babies
  • Learn about infant sleep
  • Deal with sibling rivalry

We are here to set you up for success now and for years to come!


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