Our free pregnancy test is 99% accurate and totally confidential. If you think you might be pregnant, we can help. These urine pregnancy tests are administered by the clients while they are at the center, with instructions from a peer counselor.

If you think you might be pregnant and need to talk, we offer free and completely confidential peer counseling in our office. Simply call or text or email us, or stop by our offices at either 46 High Street in Clinton, MA or at 91 Main Street, Suite 101, in Marlborough, MA.

If you're struggling with a past abortion, we offer a ten week support group. The group is held several times a year and is very small. There are never more than four women in a group. It is completely confidential and free.

If you are pregnant or have children between the ages of newborn and four, you might be interested in this program. We have dvds and videos on a variety of topics: prenatal care, first through third trimester, bonding with your unborn child, first doctor visit, parenting, safety issues, your baby and sleep, and many more topics. Every time you watch a DVD you earn a Baby Buck. There is a bit of homework and a worksheet you fill out while watching the DVD. You earn a Baby Buck for each of those, as well. Moms and Dads are welcome to take part in this program.

You then take your Baby Bucks and shop in our Baby Room, which is filled with wonderful, brand new baby items, which often include diapers, undershirts, outfits, carseats, strollers, baby wash, etc. An undershirt might cost one Baby Buck and a carseat fifteen Baby Bucks, with lots of prices in between. You may come as often as you like. We also give Baby Bucks if you need a GED and attend classes. Call or stop by if you are interested in this program.

Mom’s Support Group-

Join other pregnant & parenting moms in a weekly group where we” get real” in dealing with the many challenges and joys of motherhood. Find out how other mothers handle the frustrations, and manage to find peace in the midst of all the demands.

Father Mentoring-

Fatherhood mentors provide education to new fathers so they can learn to parent with skill and love. Also, men who grieve their part in abortion can seek support.