After a positive pregnancy test result, you may be wondering what’s next. While a positive pregnancy test does indicate pregnancy, the only way to confirm that you have a viable pregnancy is by having an ultrasound performed. First Concern Pregnancy Resource Center works with clinics and organizations in the community to provide you with a free ultrasound by referral if you have a positive pregnancy test at our center.

limited ultrasounds

A limited ultrasound is used during the early stages of pregnancy to determine whether you have a viable pregnancy that can be carried to term. Viability is analyzed by detecting a fetal heartbeat, determining how many weeks you’ve been pregnant relative to the size of the fetus and finding the location of the pregnancy. An ultrasound does all this by using high-frequency sound waves to portray a picture of the inside of your uterus.

why ultrasounds are necessary

An ultrasound is necessary for a variety of reasons. As mentioned above, ultrasounds confirm that you have a viable pregnancy. If a sonographer is unable to detect a fetal heartbeat or notices that fetal development doesn’t correlate with how long you’ve been pregnant, there is a chance that you may naturally miscarry. This is a common occurrence, as between 15 and 20 percent of known pregnancies end in natural miscarriage.

If the sonographer finds that the pregnancy is developing in the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus, this is called an ectopic pregnancy and can be life threatening. When a pregnancy develops outside of the uterus, it cannot be carried to term and can cause serious harm to your body. If that is the case, you will be referred for immediate medical attention.

your next steps

If your ultrasound shows that you have a viable pregnancy, it’s now time to consider your options. The important thing to remember is that, even though you are scared or uncertain, you have time to make a decision. Choosing an outcome for your pregnancy based on a rushed decision can lead to regret. Take the time to learn about each of your options and how they would impact your current situation. We offer options consultations to help you with this step. Contact us to learn more.

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