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When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, many women feel like they have no options. You might feel pressure from your partner or family, worry about your future goals, or doubt your ability to make the right choice.

We’re here to tell you that you do have options. Learn about your options so that you can make a choice that leaves you with confidence.


Abortion can sometimes seem like the easiest option for an unexpected pregnancy. Like every medical procedure, though, women should be informed of how the procedure works, the side effects, and the long-term risks of abortion.

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Adoption can be challenging, but many women find it a worthwhile sacrifice. If parenting isn’t an option for you right now, adoption is worth your consideration. Adoption has changed a lot over the years and has become an option filled with many choices for the birth mother. If a woman wants, she can choose the parents for her baby and the level of communication she wants with the adoptive family.

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If you weren’t planning to get pregnant, the idea of parenting can seem impossible. We believe with the correct information and resources, you may find that parenthood is absolutely possible. Parenting is a challenging decision. It requires sacrifices to love and care for your baby. Many parents, though, will tell you that despite the difficulties, it is also an incredibly rewarding experience.

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Safe and Supportive Care

We offer free, on-site ultrasound referrals so you can know for sure if you are pregnant and learn more before making a decision. We offer same-day appointments, so contact us today to schedule yours.

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