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If you weren’t planning to get pregnant, the idea of parenting can seem impossible. We believe with the correct information and resources, you may find that parenthood is absolutely possible.

Parenting is a challenging decision. It requires sacrifices to love and care for your baby. Many parents, though, will tell you that despite the difficulties, it is also an incredibly rewarding experience.

Can You Parent?

If you are considering parenting as an outcome of your pregnancy, you might have many questions about your future.

  • Will I be able to stay in school or pursue my career goals?
  •  How will I financially care for my child?
  •  What if my partner doesn’t want to be involved?
  •  What if I have never cared for a baby before?

All of your questions and feelings are valid. Making time to talk with our staff is a great way to get your questions answered.

If you want to parent, we want to give you the support you need to be successful on your parenting journey.

Learning To Parent

Sometimes women are worried they don’t have the knowledge they need to parent. First Concern provides education for this reason!

Attend our parenting classes to learn what to expect during pregnancy and delivery. Our lessons also teach you how to care for a newborn and other parenting skills. We even offer breastfeeding support for women choosing to breastfeed their babies.


Babies are expensive, and we know that adds to many women’s concerns when considering parenting. First Concern offers material support to offset the cost of baby supplies. Be prepared for the arrival of your little one with items like clothing, diapers, and diaper wipes.

Additionally, our staff can refer you to government programs and organizations that can help by offering financial assistance for housing, food, medical care, and more.

Safe and Supportive Care

We offer free, on-site ultrasound referrals so you can know for sure if you are pregnant and learn more before making a decision. We offer same-day appointments, so contact us today to schedule yours.

Don't Underestimate Your Strength