Are you thinking about choosing adoption for the outcome of your unplanned pregnancy? Many women consider adoption for a variety of reasons, but before you make a decision, you’ll want to consider how adoption would play out in your current situation. During the decision-making process, you may identify with some of the following statements:

  • I don’t want to become a parent, but I also don’t want to have an abortion
  • I don’t feel I am mature enough to care for a child
  • I want my child to grow up in a loving, two-parent home
  • I do not have the financial resources to care for a child
  • I am not mentally or emotionally capable of caring for a child
  • I don’t have the right support system to raise a child
  • I want to give my child a better life than what I have now

If any of these statements resonated with you, adoption may be an option worth considering. No matter what you choose, First Concern Pregnancy Resource Center is here for you. Contact us today to discuss adoption and your other pregnancy options.

Types of Adoption

Did you know that there are several types of adoption? You can choose between an open, semi-open or closed adoption, as well as decide whether to use an agency or be independent. Each type of adoption allows you more or less contact with the adoptive parents and your child during and after the adoption process.

If you would like to have contact with your child and his or her adoptive parents, an open or semi-open adoption may be for you. If you would prefer more privacy during the process and would not want contact with your child after the adoption is complete, you may prefer a closed adoption. No matter what you choose, you can change your mind at any time.

Adoption Resources

If you are interested in adoption, we can help you learn about the process and connect you with adoption organizations in the community. These organizations will listen to your needs and suggest a plan that’s right for your situation. Learn more about adoption by contacting us today.

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