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Can You Still Get an Abortion in Massachusetts?

Yes, abortion is still legal in Massachusetts state. However, though abortion is legal, some state laws must still be adhered to according to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  

What Are Massachusetts’ Abortion Laws?

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, abortion laws have been rapidly changing. Consistently reviewing the state laws proves helpful in understanding your options.

Currently, however, these are some restrictions that regulate access to abortion, according to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

  • Acquiring informed consent is necessary before an abortion can take place.
  • Minors under 16 years and who are unmarried must have parental or legal guardian’s consent. A judge’s approval must be obtained if the individual wishes to bypass this.
  • An abortion cannot be obtained based on gender preference.

What Should I Be Aware of if Considering an Abortion?

As with any surgery or medication regimen, there are certain risks and side effects one should first discuss with a trusted provider or pregnancy center. According to the Mayo Clinic, a few important things to check off your list before an abortion are:

  • Receiving a complete health assessment and giving a detailed health history.
  • Taking pregnancy, blood, and urine tests.
  • Receiving an ultrasound to determine how far along a pregnancy is and to ensure it’s taking place within the uterus.

These factors will safeguard your health and assist you in better understanding your options, risks, and care.

What if I’m Unsure?

If you would like to weigh all your options and talk with someone about your concerns, we welcome you to contact us for a no-cost, confidential appointment. Together we can help you get the answers you need and make you feel secure in your decision.

Here you will gain insight while receiving support, understanding, and quality care in a judgment-free zone.

Allow us the pleasure of serving you no matter what you decide; you are our first concern.

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